1- Transfer Payment Option


You Need to Make the total Payment of your order to the Bank details provided below

Acc Name: Black Innovations Africa
Acc Number: 0049079213
Bank Name: Eco Bank



Acc Name: Black Innovations Africa
Acc Number: 0106963336
Bank Name: GTB Bank







After you make the payment send us your payment details that is Name of the depositor, Teller Number and the Domain Name you registered we will trace your order and activate it the same day of your payment. click here to submit payment details


2- EWallet Credit Account Payment Option


We respect your choice to deal in cash. Best of all, we honor it!
The Ewallet Credit Account payment option is secure and easy to use.
Here's how it works:

- Once you register with us on your Ewallet Credit Account is made active, your account is secure and password-protected.

- BlackHostAfrica accepts a minimum deposit of 5,000 Naira and Maximum of 200,000 Naira for Ewallet Credit Account.

- to start using your Ewallet Credit Account you need to transfer or deposit from 5,000 to 200,000 Naira to our Bank Account

Acc Name: Black Host Africa
Acc Number: 0049079213
Bank Name: Eco Bank

After you make payment send us your user name, Full Name and Amount you deposited. Once confirmation is made, we will Credit your Ewallet Credit Account

- Once we credit your Ewallet account you're ready to buy whatever you like in our website automatically and it will be deducted from your Deposit without you contacting us and you can check your balance at any time.

We Strongly Recommend Our Resellers to use this payment option for their Client domain name Purchases

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